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Author Title tag
CIHODARIU, Miriam A rough guide to music anthropology Comparative musicology; language; anthropology
CZACHOWSKI, Miguel Indialucía. Where East meets West Gypsies; raga; Andalusia; contamination
HARVEY PEDRICK, Daniel Poetic license: lyrical forms and syncretic fusion in al-Andaluz jarcha; mohaxa; zejél; al-Andalus; lyric
HOCES HORTEGA, Rafael La transcripción musical para guitarra flamenca transcription; Flamenco guitar; music sheet; notation
TONER, Peter G. The gestation of cross-cultural music research and the birth of ethnomusicology primitive music; folk songs; Waterman; Moyle
TORRES CORTÉS, Norberto La guitarra flamenca hoy: 1970:2000. Serranito, Sanlúcar, De Lucía,Flamenco guitar
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