Cornelis Bloemaert II [Public domain], attraverso Wikimedia Commons
A. Kircher (1602-1680)

Athanasius Kircher is one of the great scholars of premodern science. One comes to him through philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, music: the paths of a life consecrated to knowledge and vulgarisation, within the top mission summed up in the figure of the musurgus – a kind of hybrid between the demiurge and the speaker, or musician, in the most wise and esoteric meaning – as portrayed in the essay Musurgia Universalis of 1650.

In the spirit of this superior multidisciplinary conception of music and the mission of music in opposition to specialisation and the contemporary specialist, was born progettoathanasius,  anthropological laboratory, workshop, basement where I show my friends the results of my incessant struggle with that difficult and fascinating thing called identity.

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