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I started playing the guitar at the age of ten, under the guidance of my father and then of fantastic teachers like Bruno Romairone and Eli Tagore. I did not attend the Conservatoire, but I undertook an intense study, exploring various genres, becoming passionate about the fingerpicking of Mark Knopfler, then that of Stefan Grossman, Jorma Kaukonen, Leo Kottke, up to the fathers of the delta blues, without ever losing contact with classical music, which I cultivated as self-taught and that I still cultivate.
In 1987, with a group called “Cap Ferrat”, I recorded in London Underground Train, a disc accompanied by a video of the same name also on the glorious Videomusic.
In 1988 I started working in companies in the industrial sector as a technical translator, a job I am doing today.
In 1989 I collaborated on the drafting of Gli Strauss and Vienna. When the waltz united Europe, (Zanibon), by Roberto Iovino.
In 1997 I graduated in literature with a thesis entitled Tre Salome. Anatomy of a decadent myth in the work of Oscar Wilde, Richard Strauss and Carmelo Bene.
Since 1999 I have undertaken an intense study of flamenco, also collecting and translating unpublished documents.
In 2009 I played the guitars in En una noche oscura, a record by Massimo and Francesco Galuppi focusing on the sonnets of San Juan de la Cruz.
In 2010 I translated Carole Seymour-Jones’s Painted Shadow into Italian, a biography of Vivienne Haigh-Wood, T.S.’s first wife. Eliot.
In 2011 I collaborated on the Italian translation and editing of Fritz Perls in Berlin 1893-1933. Expressionism, psychoanalysis, Judaism, (Franco Angeli), by Bernd Bocian.
In 2016 I followed a modern guitar master with Luca Colombo, and in 2017 I perfected flamenco guitar studies with Oscar Herrero.
In 2017 I collected in a CD a series of guitar-voice duets with Alessandra Poggi, Claudia Pastorino, Paola Dell’Erba Fernandez, Nicole Stella, Rosaleen Lodigiani.
In 2017 together with the singer-songwriter Nicole Stella, I wrote Two or three things I know about Vivienne, a theatrical reading inspired by the story of Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliot, presented together with the album Canzoni per Vivienne, by Nicole Stella.
In 2018 I arranged the record With all the colors you want from Francesco and Massimo Galuppi.

I translate in Italian unreleased papers about music, musicology and music anthropology, with particular regard to the world of flamenco. I put my love for guitar in the service of beginners, wannabe guitarists and established professionals. I carry out a constant teaching, especially with children, and sometimes I give myself the pleasure of playing live in public.

At this link is a showcase of plays related to some work done in recent years. At this link are to find some video clips of my youtube channel.

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