Clive’s Workshop

I came to know Clive Carroll at a clinic in Genoa, at the Il Cancello del Cinabro pub, a couple of years ago, together with the celebrated bass player Michael Manring. Clive is a fantastic guitarist and composer. He graduated in London, at the Trinity College of Music, and much of his fame is due to his early apprenticeship on the stage with John Renbourn, as well as to his work with John Williams and Tommy Emmanuel. Clive’s mastery on guitar is undisputed and breathtaking, his sound great, his influences ranging from medieval music to Caribbean music, from contemporary composers like Gustav Holst to Romanian folk music and Texas blues.

For Italian fans, a nice interview with Clive by Andrea Carpi is to read at

Once a year Clive gives a 1-day acoustic guitar workshop in the UK. As to 2018, the scheduled dates are Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st & Saturday 27th January. Subscription details and any further information are to find at Clive’s website at

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